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Old 05-02-2013, 12:27 AM
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Default ACT Motorcycle Registration fees... please read

Hello Fellow riders,

My Name is Quan and I too own a CBR125R. I have also owned larger capacity motorcycles in the past but due to their running costs I have been put off from buying another large capacity motorcycle.
For those of you in ACT or NSW, you will notice that Motorcycle registration for anything above 300cc is the same as 1000cc or 1800cc, etc. This is just silly, so I went about writing a letter to MPs in Canberra as well as the ACT Riders Association to voice my concerns. Attached is a letter I sent to Mr Alistair Coe, Minister Andrew Barr and a whole bunch of MPs. Please take some time to read the letter.
The significant part of a motorcycle's registration fee is the CTP insurance part, NRMA (in ACT) charge a lot for this part for motorcycles above 300cc.

Below is an email from Leen Parsons, president of Motorcycle Riders Association of ACT.

Hello Quan

Interesting that you should bring this up. I too have been struggling with the fee structure. Yesterday morning I was at the launch of the Salvos Red Shield Appeal and at my table was Alistair Coe who was asking us, MRA ACT representatives, about this very question. At least you know your letter has had an impact.

Mr Coe is preparing a Question on Notice for the Assembly with the aim of finding a more reasonable fee structure.

MRA ACT will provide advice to the ACT Government during this process as we are recognised as the peak motorcyclist representative body in this region.

Thank you for raising this question and including MRA ACT.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Harmonie German Club in Narrabundah. The next meeting is 14 May; you would be most welcome to attend.

Leen Parsons
Life’s a road; Ride it!
0409 984 008
President MRA ACT

I am just a little guy trying to get us all a fair go. Please help me help you get registration fees down to fair prices. I am unsure how everyone can help, write to your local MP like I did or a petition? Please put forward some ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for reading


Letter: http://www.hondacbr125r.com/forum/at...1&d=1367469630

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